Born and raised in South Florida, in the Spanish and Mediterranean inspired area of Coral Gables, I grew up with a love or history and art. After high school, I moved to New York where I attended Pratt Institute. Originally an architecture student, I realized quickly that I loved designing imagery, creating presentations, layouts and retouching, and that I enjoyed those aspects of design more than the structual aspects of the archetectural projects. I spent the next four years acquiring a degree in graphic design. After college I continued my education through employment at a print shop. There I learned the technical side of design. By learning to fix and correct designs and photographs from all types of industriesĀ I have learned how to ensure that files built and designs created will be expressed beautifully and accurately no matter what media or form they are intended for. It is now my dream to combine my technical skill and creative abilities to create stunning yet functional designs for advertising and packaging. I want to design for a living.